MG unveils the HS plug-in hybrid: The best of both worlds

  • The second model of the renewed MG brand in Europe
  • In addition to the all-electric MG ZS EV, MG will unveil a smart and fuel-efficient hybrid-electric car that fulfills the needs of both the environmentally conscious motorist and the business driver
  • European market launch Q1 2021

Amstelveen, September 22, 2020 – Today MG has officially released the first images of its second European model in London. The new MG HS has a plug-in hybrid drive system that truly offers the best of both worlds.

Last year, the 100% electric MG ZS EV was introduced in several European countries. Further roll-out of this model in Europe is expected in the coming half year. The new MG HS plug-in hybrid not only has an electric drive system, but also features a strong petrol engine. This powertrain works closely with the electric motor and the battery pack, ensuring a harmonious interplay of efficiency, power and range.

Electric driving without range anxiety

The MG HS plug-in hybrid combines durability with power. "The motorist’s experience is paramount at MG," says Matt Lei, CEO MG Motor Europe. "MG helps start 'an electric life' with a well-designed, environmentally conscious driving experience that is functional, safe and affordable. The MG HS plug-in hybrid fulfills the needs of both the environmentally aware motorist and the conscious business driver. The motorist of today wants to be able to drive fully electric and therefore durable, but at the same time not worry too much about the range. For those who are not ready for an all-electric car, we are introducing the MG HS plug-in hybrid in addition to the 100% electric MG ZS EV."

Accessible to everyone

The MG HS plug-in hybrid is a spacious C-segment SUV specially designed to make carefree, environmentally conscious hybrid-electric driving accessible to everyone.

MG will announce more details about this plug-in hybrid during the official launch of the MG HS in December of this year. Official market introductions, which may vary by country, are expected in the first quarter of 2021.

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About MG - a long history

MG has always been ahead of its time since the brand was founded in the Morris Garages in 1924. Today the iconic brand is available to a new generation. Redesigned, electrified and relaunched for the road ahead. MG makes electric driving accessible to everyone. With the proven success of the 100% electric ZS EV and the announcement of several sustainable vehicles in the coming years, MG is demonstrating its full commitment to electric mobility. Designed with the European motorist in mind, MG offers sustainable, smart, functional and affordable vehicles. MG is being developed in the company's design studios in Shanghai, in partnership with the advanced design studio in London. MG is produced in China and is already available in several European countries.

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